Shamotte Tablets, Bricks, in various dimensions are building in : Tile Stoves, Fireplaces, Bakery – Pizza – grill Stoves etc. Our Shamotte is identical as it used to be 75 years ago, when the first one piece, of our’s, had been made. As manufacturers and users, we reached the best possible quality : it is easily build in, easy processing, exellent in use. Hand made, long-lived, it is shock resistant – all under workable price. Our politics of low price levels, for years ago, classify us as most favourable manufacturers. We also credit our customers to pay on 3-6 installments. Our Shamotte mortar, Shamotte flour and Thermo-concrete is used in costractions, fulfilling cracks as well as for whole walls and floors casting. – Allways listen to our advice.

Shamotte mortar – of the highest quality for bricks building, producing according to family tradition, in two versions. First one is used exclusively for building and is marked as no. I. The other one is used exclusively for throwing onto walls and other places, bricks couldn’t be turned back, marked as no.II. It obtains, to all kinds of fireboxes, to prolong life-time under hard conditions ( ranges, stoves, boilers etc.).