Tiles are made of several clay sorts, mixed according to family production tradition. That way produced clay is to stand 30 days to be put into molds, manualy forming and throw out for drying. Partialy dryed piece is straightening and finishing on a marble tablet. After that is stored in drying shelves during next 3-7 days, depending on season. Aditional drying follows until tile is ripened and after that is furnaced that gives us, what we call, chamotte and tile for stoves. We are doing so – this is the right way.

Heat-resisting bricks, plates, flour, termobetoni, plaster produce traditional hand work in family businesses “Dva Kalja” from Belgrade.

Heat-resisting glazed tile products for furnace, fireplace and other heating body.
Three generations of experience in the production of any given product you want – cheap and good.